Manly Man Modeling – Cycle Two

I must be crazy to enter another modeling comp…or maybe a glutton for punishment.  But I did it, and I am loving it.  It’s hosted at Simtech, and I must say, the people there are so kind, encouraging and supportive.  I really feel I am learning so much from them.  The judging is fair as well.  These people are so organized…they really have their stuff together.  All in all, it’s been a positive experience that I am really enjoying.

The comp is ongoing at the time I am writing this post.  We are on round 5.  I will be updating week to week, until I am eliminated!  😛  I am starting with the most recent up top, then going down.


Assignment 5 – Advert

Everyone seems to really like his facial expression.  I suppose he may be a little nervous as it is a condom advertisement and he is a relatively shy dude. *giggles*


Assignment 4 – Olympics

With this one I had a vision.  I enlisted the help of an awesome pose maker, K2m1too, and she was happy to make this prize winning pose for me.  Can you believe it?  I got 1st place and Jack’s WOW pic!!


Assignment 3 – Escort/Charity Event

This one was special to me because I was able to give attention to a children’s hospital, St. Jude, which is in my hometown.  They are very close to my heart.


Assignment 2 –  Color – Orange

Yikes!  If you know me at all, you will know I have a fear of working with orange.  This round was all about working with an assigned color.


Assignment 1 – Basically a body shot

Can we say deer caught in headlights?  I had NO idea what I was doing!


To Begin Things – The Head Shot

Looking back, the comp is called Manly Man…here, Salinger is looking rather girly!  😛


~ by kimwriter75 on August 20, 2012.

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